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Whether you are creating a new surface or need to smooth over the cracks on an old asphalt area, our professional team offers fast and experienced work pouring and laying asphalt or tarmacadam. We offer asphalt playground surfaces, paved game centres, tennis court surfacing and any other special project that requires tarmacadam or asphalt pouring.


We provide a professional service and guarantee all our work so that you're left with a finished pavement that works for your needs. Take advantage of our competitive rates and high reputation to achieve the asphalt surface you need.

Our specialist asphalt pavers are approved by local authorities and can offer tarmacadam and asphalt laying on roads throughout Leeds and the surrounding area. For highway paving and road resurfacing in Leeds, call our reputable team for guaranteed work at a great price.


Planet Earth Yorkshire Ltd also offer specialist paving for driveways and patios.

Flawless asphalt and tarmacadam pouring

For asphalt pouring and tarmacadam laying, call our team of paving specialist at Planet Earth Yorkshire Ltd

Road and highway repairs and resurfacing

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